AEIUCM is a division of the American Educational Institute (Founded in 2000).

Starting in 2003, AEIUCM focused on providing educational, IT and management consultancy as well as providing a robust, dynamic, cost effective academic solution that handles all school & university operations, extending from administrative tasks to academic procedures and work flows.

Our solution is built from the ground up benefiting from close cooperation with universities & school boards composed of administrators, academics, former college and university presidents, blended with our extensive expertise in education, development, and research.

The American Educational Institute is represented outside Lebanon by Routes for Development & Consultancy which was started in 2014 for that purpose.

Our Vision

Providing Enterprise Smart Solutions to Manage Educational Institutions thus enabling them to grow.

Our Mission

To deliver innovative services & solutions for schools, universities, and educational institutions.



Just as technology has transformed the way students learn it also has the power to improve the way that schools and universities manage the administrative process.

AEIUCM allows the universities & schools to operate more effectively and  efficiently  by  providing  more  responsive  services  and  data  to support accountability and transform universities and schools workflow into Internet-based operations and services, integrated databases, and seamless information systems to be available any time & place. The company's vision is to ensure that clients achieve rapid delivery of highly integrated administrative and academic systems that are easier to maintain over the long-term.

Students,  faculty,  employers,  and  administrators  require  access  to user-specific  information  on  demand.  Self-service  portals  can transform relationships with and among all parties. Security, ease of use, and scalability are essential.

Our team is composed of IT Professionals, Educators, Administrators, and business process consultants. Our strategy is focused on:

  • Small, high-powered teams, with short, phased time frames
  • Simultaneous (rather than sequential) team assignments
  • Building block orientation: incremental analysis, design, development, and implementation cycles
  • Commitment to flexible, realistic, high quality solutions using abest practices approach
  • Time definite deliveries
  • Understanding and mastering a turbulent, changing environment


How to become a partner ?

To know more about our partners and how to join us, please visit this link

How many updates will I be able to benefit from and for how long ?

During the contract period, you will benefit from our free updates, customization and support.

What are the solution requirements ?

Our solutions are cloud-based, all you need is a stable internet connection and you are able to work on your solution using any browser of your choice (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari etc...). No other requirements are needed. No need to install anything on your computer. You can work from anywhere at anytime.

How many users does the solution allow ?

Our solutions have no user license fee whatsoever, you are able to use our solutions with an unlimited number of users.

What type of support do you offer ?

Our technical support can assist you with any problems you may face. Support is provided throughout the week by email, by phone as well as live support and on site visits.

Our support is not limited to technical only. It also covers implementation level support to assist you on site with your daily operation needs.


How secure is my data?

We take security very seriously. We realize that your data must be protected from loss and unauthorized access, and must be available whenever you need it.

How can I back up my data ?

Your data is backed up automatically within our servers. You have the ability to download the back up files whenever you want.