The Smart method to manage your Univeristy

AEIUCM Storm maximizes the user of your resources and minimizes unnecessary costs in the university. Storm is a web-based solution providing users with an in-depth view of your school, teacher performance, and student performance data, allowing instructors & staff to optimize student achievements. Storm is where any user can play an independent role. Moreover, Storm is a multi-campus, centralized data management solution and is unique and comprehensive suitable for any university, college, school or any other educational institutions. Our Clients get so excited about finally being in control of their own systems and data. Storm is designed to automate the entire operations in Academic institutions. It automates all processes relating to administration, classes, students, and the planning and monitoring of teaching resources.

Fully Customizable

Customize your own layout design and create the program rules according to your University guideline. Also, choose any additional feature you would like to add to your system. We code it and, therefore, we can fully customize your solution any way you need.

User Friendly Environment

This solution has a friendly interface developed for easy and direct access to all functions. It is a multi campus and multi-language system that greatly empowers students, faculty, and administration.

World-Class Support

Service & support is our strongest feature and is what differentiates us from the rest of our competitors. Resolving any concerns is just a phone call away. With super-long customer retention rates and over 70 organizations ranging from universities, schools and other educational institutes being served by AEIUCM, you can be sure that you're in professional hands.

Key Benefits and Advantages

Work together with all your stakeholders more effectively, efficiently and innovatively. Plus, help automate internal workflow procedures of your university as well as the interaction with students and instructors. Allow your university to create a more structured organization, increase transaction handling capacity and improve your system of internal control.

Strategic Advantages

  • Provides timely data that is easy to find and analyze, making vital information accessible to all stakeholders over the Internet and in a secure environment.
  • Administrators get the most accurate information to make more effective strategic decisions.
  • Empower yourself with comprehensive features making it possible to produce accurate & in-depth schedules and reports with a click of a mouse.
  • Enable easy customization of your screens and reports
  • With all components sharing a common database, take full control of your information which is immediately available to everyone with the appropriate security access.