Business Development Partners – How to become one.

The purpose of the Business Development Partnership (BDP) program is to establish a strong progressive business relationship with well established Consultancy Firms and/or Information Technology and System Integration Companies who have the experience, human and financial capabilities and resources to market, sell, implement, and support AEIUCM (University and Campus Management) Solutions.

The intent from BDP is not to develop a large number of resellers, but rather to develop a small number of quality business partners that are very well focused, knowledgeable, and committed to our vision and mission and to AEIUCM as a philosophy.

The reason for developing such a program is that we know that we cannot cover the whole globe no matter what resources we allocate. Additionally we would like to rely on companies with local and regional expertise and who have experience with local business practices, specifically in Education Management.

Our philosophy behind the development of AEIUCM is that "We do not sell software solution, we provide Educational Management Solutions and Knowledge ”,  the primary driver of any successful Educational Institution, is not the technology, but people and the knowledge they contribute.

If you share this philosophy, and have the experience and know-how, then we welcome you as a Business Development Partner.

Please contact us on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information and to get the BDP starter kit.