Your Preferred Exam Manager & Question Bank Solution

AEIUCM Summit is your powerful, easy-to-use flexible solution that streamlines the entire test-taking process from test creation & administration, to delivery, scoring, & analysis. Designed and developed by AEIUCM, Summit is backed by a world-class support team that includes committed account management, training, and live support. With over 70 schools being served by AEIUCM, you can be sure that you are in professional hands.

With Summit's powerful test & question bank features, create in-depth computer or paper-based tests in minutes. Also, administer tests securely & easily with the CBT (computer-based test) interface then use powerful analytical tools to analyze, compare, and report on performance. Summit is web-based and hosted on our cloud servers eliminating costly installations and maintenance. With Summit, acquire a piece of mind, free up valuable time & money, and gain the competitive edge you need to take your school to the next level.

Powerful Test & Question Bank

Summit offers a secure database to store, organize, edit and retrieve all your past tests & questions. These banks are comprised of pre-written tests & questions. This feature can save hours of research and typing which gives you more time for teaching. You can also instantly import questions that were produced with your word processor.

Comprehensive Reporting & Analytical Tools

Summit offers unparalleled reporting tools that let you instantly compile reports based on any criteria you choose. Filtering features also allow you to analyze only the information important to you. Easily identify & compare performance across students, classes, schools, teachers, and branches. Diagnose areas of weakness and solve potential problems early rather than late.

World-Class Support

Service & support is our strongest feature and is what differentiates us from the rest of our competitors. Resolving any concerns are just a phone call away and, since we created our solution, we can customize it to fit your specific needs, including unique interfaces, additions, and modules. With super-long customer retention rates and over 70 schools being served by AEIUCM, you can be sure that you're in professional hands.

Key Benefits and Advantages

Summit offers in-depth features, a flexible & comprehensive system, and a world-class service team that supports and perfects the entire framework. Because Summit is hosted on our cloud servers, there are no expensive hardware requirements, no costly IT team, and no hassle with technical details. Minimize short-term cost and grow your school in the long-term by adding untold value. Give yourself more growth, marketability, power, and control over your school by using Summit's numerous benefits to your advantage.

  • Give management more power by allowing them to view tests live, setting permissions, allocating resources more efficiently, & developing effective strategies to improve your school and all its respective branches
  • Give more efficiency to your teachers by having them minimize cheating, analyze performance, and identifying areas of weaknesses within their classes
  • Save more $ by cutting hours of work by staff and reducing loads of paper by moving your tests to a computer-based environment
  • With Summit, you're able to save countless hours creating & correcting tests, as well as compiling reports in just a few clicks
  • Allow administration to collect test scores early rather than late